Thursday 21 July 2022

Baptiste Oudon, a student engineer in Geosciences and Environment, wins the 2nd place of the Sustainable Development prize.

Why are the artificial reefs installed by Atlantique Landes Récifs off the Atlantic coast to preserve marine biodiversity gradually sinking into the sand, and what can be done about it? This question was the subject of a major project by Baptiste Oudon, a student engineer in Geosciences and Environment, who recently won 2nd place in the sustainable development prize of the Dassault Systèmes Project of the Year 2022 competition.


This international competition, reserved for students, rewards each year the best projects realized with Dassault Systèmes solutions. For his project, Baptiste was able to use Catia for 3D modeling, Xflow for numerical simulations and 3DExperience for data storage, software tools with which the GeoLab's computer stations are equipped. The student also benefited from the existing work done previously by Alice Prosperi, also a student at UniLaSalle, and Chanez Belaïdi, from the Galileo Institute, on this subject.

The evaluation criteria focused on the innovative aspect of the project, its multidisciplinary nature (3D modeling, digital simulation, ocean sciences, etc.), the positive impact on the environment, and the communication carried out on the project.

This award is a great success and a great pride for the GeoLab team as well as for Arnaud Coutu and Maxime Denis, respectively teacher-researcher in numerical mathematics and study engineer and GeoLab coordinator at UniLaSalle, who co-supervised Baptiste and accompanied him on the numerical simulation and 3D modelling of structures.

A big congratulations to Baptiste, as well as to Alice Prosperi and Chanez Belaïdi.


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