Thursday 23 June 2022

The Roullier Endowment Fund's exhibition center presents the essential role of minerals from the creation of the Earth to their use in sustainable agriculture in its "From the Big Bang to the Plate" tour.

Fifteen 3rd and 4th year Geology and Environment engineering students had the chance to visit the Minerallium, the scientific exhibition center of the Roullier Endowment Fund in Saint-Malo. Accompanied by Julien Bailleul, teacher-researcher in sedimentary geology & basin analysis, Thierry Ribeiro, teacher-researcher in bioprocessing - methanization and Isabelle Rey-Fabret, godmother of the Bachelor Geology and Environment 026 and Engineer in Geosciences and Environment 083 classes, the students were able to discover the exhibition "from the Big-bang to the plate", which presents the essential role of minerals from the creation of the Earth up to their use for a sustainable agriculture



The course, which is intended to be immersive, deals in turn with the big bang and the role of minerals in the appearance of the first forms of life on Earth, the functioning of living organisms and the challenges facing agriculture, from crops to soil and animal nutrition.

These 1900 m² of exhibition space at the heart of the Roullier group's activities constitute a formidable model of success and inspiration in terms of teaching, opening up to students a cross-disciplinary view of two universes dear to UniLaSalle, geology and agriculture.

UniLaSalle warmly thanks Prune Passama, director of the Roullier Endowment Fund, for her warm welcome and her attentiveness.

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