Wednesday 07 September 2022

Initiated in 2010, the quality approach now concerns three campuses. The next audit will also include the Amiens campus.

It is now official: following the quality audit that took place at the end of June on its Beauvais, Rennes and Rouen campuses, UniLaSalle has had its ISO 9001 certificate renewed. The Amiens campus, which has not yet been integrated into the quality approach due to its recent arrival at the Institut Polytechnique, will be audited in about ten months.

It took the two auditors no less than seven days to evaluate the 15 processes that have been put in place. A meticulous study that will have enabled them to identify 13 strong points and no non-conformities.

Since 2010 and the certification of its first campus (Beauvais), UniLaSalle has been committed to a quality approach with the aim of making its quality management system comply with the main objectives of the ISO 9001 standard:

  • to constantly provide products and services that comply with the requirements of our customers and the applicable legal and regulatory requirements ;   
  • to increase customer satisfaction through the effective application of our system.

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