Monday 19 July 2021

UniLaSalle, through its Ozone (O3) research platform and its Beauvais Technova investment fund, has just signed an agreement concerning the development projects of the Nosseum Factory company. Specialized in the disinfection of motorcycle helmets, it now markets a "kill Covid" solution on all everyday objects.

A technological partnership ...

Cleancasc ensures the perfect hygiene of motorcycle helmets in 4 minutes thanks to an Ozone flow. More specific markets such as the French Air Force required higher performances and in particular a 99.9% bactericidal activity. The skills of the LaSalle O3 research platform dedicated to ozone applications and pandemic led Nosseum Factory to work on 'an extremely innovative product.

In concrete terms, this partnership has resulted in scientific and technological support for the research platform, and has led to the development of a new product

Hygizi is now the only product on the market offering a "kill Covid" solution in 4 minutes.

... and entrepreneurial support

Following this support, UniLaSalle and its seed fund Beauvais Technova are now supporting Nosseum Factory by taking a minority stake of 5% and 20% respectively in the company's capital.

Through this alliance, Nosseum Factory will be able to rely more on UniLaSalle's expertise and know-how in research and development and business support.


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