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Tuesday 07 September 2021

Almost all the students have passed through the school's doors, and it feels great.

The baccalaureate graduates who have chosen the Bachelor Environment and Sustainable Development and BSc/MSc program in Environmental Engineering (via ParcourSup) are still more numerous than ever before to sit on the benches of UniLaSalle Rennes. Indeed, becoming a Bachelor or a UniLaSalle Engineer enables you to enter professions that are positive for society and the planet.

All the conditions were met to make one's return to the world of higher education: a face-to-face welcome, a meeting with the director, Mr. Belhenniche, and the year's referents, warm lunch breaks organized by the BDE association (Bureau des Elèves), sunshine, without forgetting the traditional galettes/saucisses and outdoor games!

 "Be proud of your choice of training, the school will help you acquire career potential and prepare you for jobs that exist and that are still being invented," introduced Mr. Belhenniche. "You will lead technical and/or scientific projects and act for the good of society and the company that employs you," he continued. To facilitate projection and open up to different themes, UniLaSalle allows an exchange of skills between its campuses: geology, food & health, agronomy, digital... "This is the richness of our Polytechnic Institute".

The school's expectations, linked to the LaSallian values that are dear to the UniLaSalle campus, have hopefully echoed in the minds of the newcomers:

"First, take care of yourself, even more so in this very special context. Higher education marks a change, a wind of freedom and a wind of promise. Don't let it pass you by."

In addition, and one does not go without the other, the second expectation is about others and caring for one another.


A new feature for this new school year: apprenticeship in the program for engineering students!

25 student-engineers are benefiting from this new learning method. And what a satisfaction to know that they have found their host company before the start of the school year.

This proves that the projects and expectations of companies in the fields of water treatment, effluents, eco-design, the circular economy, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, Environment), are significant. UniLasalle, through its CFA, offers support and follow-up so that all the apprentices live this new experience as serenely as possible in terms of their missions and objectives. It is also a way for companies to initiate new projects and benefit from profiles.

Company information brochure (in French)

Some students who have followed the pre-cycle engineering program have shown their motivation to train while working (or work while training ;-)). This is a carefully thought-out orientation, supported by the apprenticeship department and the Career Center.

Elisa, a newcomer to the campus, a native of the Paris region, decided to settle in Rennes after doing a double degree in chemistry and biology in Versailles. She discovered UniLaSalle in her final year at a student fair and has kept the brochure ever since.

Apprenticeship information brochure (in French)

Why did you choose the Environmental Engineering apprenticeship program?

"I was looking for a course that would be in line with my project. The Environmental Engineering apprenticeship program offers an alternative: I can combine theory and practice.

The financial aspect was obviously a good point since the entire cycle is paid for by the company hosting the apprentice. But the fact of joining a school on a human scale, unlike university, also weighed in the balance. "I'm not disappointed, the atmosphere is more family-oriented and integration is easier. In addition, the proximity with Mr. Hulot and Mrs. Gardin, "apprenticeship referents" on campus, gave a dynamic to my search for companies. As a result, I have already started my apprenticeship in the Environmental Management System department of Orange France in the Orange Ouest branch as a project manager. I am delighted. I think I'll like it here!

Promotion Ingénieur par apprentissage

All that remains is to welcome the Master of Science Sustainable Management and Eco Innovation, the 5th year engineering students, the 2nd and 3rd year Bachelor students as well as the Specialized Master students and the school will be complete! Have a great school year!