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Friday 01 October 2021

The Hauts-de-France regional final of the PePite awards delivered its verdict this Thursday, September 30, and the results are flattering for Lasallian students! The two teams of student-engineers who had managed to make it to the finalists were among the five winners. These two projects have been awarded a prize of 2000 € by BPI France.

UniLaSalle congratulates the winners.

The two awarded projects

KopaBa, the whey vodka

KopaBa's ambition is to offer a vodka produced from whey, better known to the general public as "whey". Through a high value-added process, KopaBa transforms this by-product shunned by the dairy industry into a raw material, in a circular economy approach. Although the product is still in the prototype stage, the team of 5 students, Camille, Andréa, Palmyre, Jeanne and Loïs, intends to launch this new drink on the market.

Terres de Talents, the food store 100% made in France

Promoting French agricultural products and regions is the ambition of Terres de Talents, a food store project 100% made in France. Pierre-Joseph and Thibault, both sons of farmers, realized that the local producers' stores did not offer a wide range of products. They had the idea to enlarge the number of references by proposing, in addition to locally grown products, products from all over France. A way to simplify the life of consumers who would like to support French agricultural sectors.