Monday 31 May 2021

From June 14 to 26, 2021, UniLaSalle's health and nutrition experts will be travelling the roads of the Oise region and stopping in 12 towns to share their knowledge on preventing loss of autonomy with people over 60. In the form of workshops, the scientists will welcome seniors to share tips and tricks for better living" in a dedicated bus!

AutonAl 60: two editions, the same great success

For the past three years, UniLaSalle and the Conférence des financeurs have been offering seniors in the Oise department the opportunity to take part in workshops on preventing loss of independence: AutonAl'60. This travelling campaign is a continuation of these workshops. In a travelling format, participants
will be able to take part in balanced dietary, culinary and physical activity workshops. On this occasion, participants will have access to dietary consultations, diabetes awareness/screening and sport-health advice thanks to the Santélys association.

Free participation.

Dates and locations of the bus, from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm :

14/06/2021 Chaumont en Vexin (Hospital Center)
15/06/2021 Saint Just en Chaussée (Place Théron)
16/06/2021 Auneuil (La Canopée rural social center)
17/06/2021 Songeons (Place du Franc marché)
18/06/2021 Bresles (Place du 8 mai)
06/19/2021 Beauvais (Place Jeanne Hachette)

21/06/2021 Estrées Saint Denis (Place du marché)
22/06/2021 Attichy (Place cardon)
23/06/2021 Verberie (Sports hall)
24/06/2021 Nanteuil le Haudouin (Espace des fêtes)
25/06/2021 Chambly (Place Charles de Gaulle)
26/06/2021 Nogent sur Oise (Covered market)

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