Thursday 22 April 2021

A remote edition full of pep!

RDV de économie circulaire UniLaSalle Rennes - EME

For the first time, the event will not be held on the premises of UniLaSalle Rennes - EME but in a remote format. An adaptation that involved thinking about the event differently!

Anne-Bérengère Siroën, who is in charge of the 2020-2021 Master of Science in Circular Economy on the Rennes campus, led and coordinated the event.

An introduction to recall the need to adopt a transformation of society towards a circular economy

Ms. Siroën introduced the morning session: "It is more than urgent to change our economic model. Of the 9 planetary limits not to be exceeded to preserve a stable and livable biosphere that were proposed by the Rockström report in 2009, 4 have already been exceeded (Climate change, Erosion of biodiversity, Disruption of biochemical cycles of nitrogen and phosphorus).
The changes to be made imply an in-depth transformation of our societies. This transformation requires, first and foremost, a sharp reduction in our consumption and, for the non-reducible part of our consumption, an evolution towards a circular economy."

While the health crisis highlights the fragility of a linear system that overexploits resources, in 2020, the European Union adopted its action plan for the circular economy, the cornerstone of the Green Pact for Europe.
At the same time, France adopted the AGEC law (anti-waste and for a circular economy), the turn seems to be taken and it is time to deploy on a large scale.

Part 1: Reindustrialization strategies through an ambitious Circular Economy policy

  1. From a global point of view, what must industry do to become circular? Ms. Amélie Vaz from the National Institute of Circular Economy, gave a global and synthetic view of the economic models and levers to use to make industry evolve towards more circularity. She presented her recent study, published in early April, "PIVOTING TOWARDS CIRCULAR INDUSTRY, which models? How to accelerate?"
  2. Then, Ms. Sophie Simon, in charge of the deployment of the Circular Economy at the Brittany Region, presented the existing devices on the territory. The dynamism of the Region and its economic players are making great strides. A significant note of positivism!   
  3. To finish, was presented a concrete example of cooperation of regional actors to build an industrial sector of circular economy of vegetable coal with the project Interreg ThreeC. 3 of the actors of the sector participated in this intervention: AILE represented by Mr. Marc Le Treïs, B2E represented by Mrs. Rozenn Massé and UniLaSalle, represented by Lydia Fryda.

A second part dedicated to the workshops led by the students of the Specialized Master in Circular Economy

Three collective intelligence workshops led by the students of the Specialized Master's program. Here are the subjects dedicated to the exchanges:

N°1 / How to build a methanization project beneficial to all stakeholders?
N°2 / How to go from a waste to an eco-responsible resource? The problem of "green waste".
No. 3 / Buildings and urban planning: what are the levers of action to deal with climate change?

Annual meetings expected for the wealth of exchanges and news on the approach

These meetings provide an opportunity to learn about the latest news concerning global and local actions in terms of circular economy. This year, 85 people registered, professionals from the private and public sectors, entrepreneurs but also people in reconversion. Thank you!

Mrs. Siroën would like "to thank all the professional speakers for the richness of the exchanges. I would like to add that the students were able to approach the workshop topics with a lot of originality. Through collaborative tools, the participants were able to share their experiences and propose their questions. It was a success and, I hope, a good experience for you! See you next year for the 10th edition of the RDV Circular Economy!"

If you would like to view the video of the first part, please contact Ms. Dolbeau:

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