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Thursday 22 December 2022

UniLaSalle's virtual museum dedicated to the geosciences is launching a crowdfunding campaign to finance a smartphone application for the general public designed to help people discover geology through hiking trails.


Since December 2018, the Albert-de-Lapparent Museum has been offering Internet users an immersive tour to the most beautiful specimens in its paleontology, mineralogy and petrography collections. Over the years, the museum has been enriched with new specimens, 3D models made with the GeoLab and additional thematic tours.

Always driven by an educational objective, the virtual museum team does not intend to stop there! Rock'N'Walk, a free smartphone application, should be launched in the coming months. Its objective? To help as many people as possible discover the nature and history of the Earth by observing the landscapes and learning to recognize the rocks that surround them. This virtual field guide will be aimed at young and old, beginners or enthusiasts, hikers or walkers.

By its playful aspect, Rock'N'Walk will contribute, through several long-distance hiking trails and paths, to enhance the French natural geological heritage and thus participate in its preservation. The application also foresees, in the long term, a space dedicated to participative sciences.

The realization of this application mobilizes many geosciences students from UniLaSalle, in addition to the museum team. Prospecting in the field, creation of interactive teaching aids to illustrate sites of geological interest, proposal of geological routes adapted to all types of public, integration of the routes into the application... the work is considerable!

To finance this beautiful project, the team of the Albert-de-Lapparent museum launches a call for donations via a crowdfunding campaign. Open until January 27, 2023, this campaign aims to raise €20,000 to support the development of this application.

Are you interested in this project? Don't hesitate to support it by making a donation via the Ulule platform.

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