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Tuesday 12 March 2024

Today's spotlight is on the engineering students in the Biosourcing, Biotechnologies and Environment (BBE) program, who are taking a look back at three outstanding visits in collaboration with the École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Normandie. 

L’étudiant BBE, un ingénieur ancré dans les enjeux actuels

Sortie ingénieur BBE

A BBE engineer is first and foremost a great lover of laboratories and research! For Léo and Léa, 4th year students at UniLaSalle Rouen, this career path was an obvious choice:

"I started with a technology and biology preparatory course, so the lab is my second home! I feel like a fish in water here," says Léa. 


Another of our students' passions is the multi-disciplinary nature of research work. Biotechnologies are applicable almost everywhere today, so from eco-toxicology to buildings to agri-food, the link is made everywhere and with everything! :

Léa continues: "My objective is to innovate for the future in all fields, while remaining broad [...] Our studies range from straw building, to the wood industry, via polymers such as starch, and ending with all the various notions we know (research strategy, marketing, quality and safety)." 


It's a word that sums up the BBE career path: first and foremost, the discovery of new processes and techniques, but also the discovery of new opportunities: "It's super innovative to see that, in the end, biobased materials are not so expensive with reuse - I've been really instilled with a passion for products that are more authentic and natural, more real." Biomaterials research has become a real passion for Léo! 


Finally, we asked our students for one of their favorite moments of their first semester in the BBE program.

Léa really enjoyed visiting the premises of SGS, the world leader in testing, inspection and certification:

"I loved the ecotoxicology part, which fits in really well with our polymer life cycle teaching". 

As for Léo, he tells us how much he enjoys working on his course project: a large report that follows the students for an entire year:

"Our subject is the recycling of cocoa bean husks and jute. On this project, we find ourselves working with the Ducasse company, which supplies us with the materials and is looking to recycle these co-products." 

1 day, 3 outings with BBE students

Over the course of a day, our students, accompanied by future architects from ENSAN, went on three outings on the theme of bio-sourced materials.

  • Manufacture des Capucines in Vernon
  • Maison Communale in Iville
  • Vandecandelaere scutching company* in Bourguébus. 

*Scutching is a mechanical operation that separates textile fibers from wood and bark by grinding and beating. This technique also applies to flax and hemp. 

Sortie BBE

The presence of student architects is an opportunity to share knowledge and cross-fertilize architecture and engineering around the development of products derived from bio-sourced resources.

The aim? Joint training in these products to meet the needs of agronomy and agro-industry engineers and architects. Léo found this cooperation essential: "It's difficult to implement because of the lack of architects, engineers and workers trained in these materials; there's a lack of information!

For our students, it was also a good opportunity to critically analyze the whole chain: "It was interesting to see that another type of construction just as solid and more efficient was possible [...] it was also an opportunity to study linen, an interesting material to work with with many different uses - In the end The outing was therefore interested in a pressing topical subject which is :

How can we build tomorrow's sustainable homes using age-old techniques?  

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Sortie ingénieur BBE

Sortie ingénieur BBE

Sortie ingénieur BBE

An article written by Jules Houplon, engineering student at UniLaSalle Rouen.