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Thursday 21 March 2024

How does molecular biology unlock the secrets of DNA? A look back at an exciting week with our i-SAFE engineering students: the DNA adventure.   

For this colorful week, Sofia Kourmpetli from Cranfield University (UK) and Adrien Gauthier from UniLaSalle Rouen have come up with a complete program on the theme of DNA, combining theory classes, quizzes, workshops with UniLaSalle Research and several practical assignments.  

On the program: the subtleties of genetic material, extraction techniques and analysis methods.  

After learning about DNA in class, there's nothing better than interactive laboratory sessions at the AGHYLE research unit on campus. Through playful activities, they were able to highlight the wealth of information contained in DNA. And to round off the week in style, they were able to do some Sherlock Holmes-style hands-on work...   

Groupe d'étudiants autour du quiz

Objective: crack the code

Adrien Gauthier, teacher-researcher in Plant Pathology, has put together a slightly different practical session than usual ... What's really in a can of supermarket corn? Are food manufacturers complying with the 0.9% GMO limit? Our students put themselves in the shoes of scientific investigators to answer these questions through trials on corn.  

To do this, they had to precisely maneuver a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) machine to analyze the corn. The aim was to detect the presence of genetically modified varieties. For the 1st group, the verdict was unanimous: 0 GMO designation, and indeed, no trace of genetically modified organisms after analysis! However, after a test with another brand labelled "GMO-free*", the verdict was the opposite, and the students demonstrated the presence of GMOs.  

Etudiants avec un microscope
Manipulation des échantillons
Enseignant en train d'expliquer le quiz, dans le laboratoire

 It was really interesting, we did lots of different things like quizzes and visits to the research areas! - Jeanne, i-SAFE student