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Monday 22 January 2024

Rouen is UniLaSalle’s most international campus! All our i-SAFE students go on one study trip per semester during their first two years. Let’s go back on this third study trip: an incredible week in Amsterdam. 

As the first semester of the second year of the i-SAFE program reaches its end, it is time for another study trip! Unmissable step and highly waited for the students, it’s in Amsterdam that they had the opportunity to spend a week, in a great atmosphere: between professional encounters, the discovery of local agri-food industry and visiting museums, no time to waste all on board for the Netherlands! 

Etudiants i-SAFE prêts pour le départ à Amsterdam (en gare)

A study trip ... but much more! 🗺️

The study trip is THE moment for our student to put into practice what they learned during the semester! A week in full immersion in a European country to discover their culture, their agri-food industry and unwind (just a bit 😉). After the warmth of Parma during the last semester, let us now discover Amsterdam: its famous channels, museums, and universities. 


A traditional Agri-food industry: the Leerdammer production plant. 

The discovery of foreign agri-food sectors is at the heart of study trips, the objective? Discover and train your critical mind on very different systems. Their visit of Lactalis Royal Leerdammer was a good occasion to put those skills to use! “It was amazing to be able to analyse the entire production chain! In addition, we could compare with the Parmesan plant from the last study trip” as explained by Jeanne, who easily made the connection with the previous study trip. 

Discovering Amsterdam’s Museums 

Amsterdam boasts the first zoo in the world specializing in microbes (bacterias, viruses and fungi) - a must see for our students! “It was really striking, informative and educational. The museum proved to be a perfect match for our studies” describes Charlotte, who particularly enjoyed the museum visits. 

As for Diego, he highlighted the Food for Though exposition at the National Maritime Museum “It made us reflect about the way we consume, and especially how our food is produced (though we felt like going vegan at the end!)". 

Wageningen University and Aeres University, discovering the Dutch student life. 

Many students dream of studying abroad, so the study trip is a super opportunity for them to visit universities, and who knows, maybe continue their studies there later? On the schedule, Wageningen Uni and Aeres Uni; two prestigious schools in the environmental field: “We felt at ease right away, and the school really seemed to address environmental issues: rainwater was reused, they used recycled furniture...” We could feel them being seduced by the atmosphere! 

Study trip à Amsterdam - musée

Study trip à Amsterdam - visite

Study trip à Amsterdam - université

A great opportunity to bond students. 🫶

Even though the study trip’s objectives is to broaden the skills in agronomy related subjects abroad, the students also reap other benefits. It’s also a great opportunity for student life: a week of living together and discovering a new city creates bonds!  

The atmosphere before a study trip is often electric “The enthusiasm was palpable, everyone seemed excited to spend the week in Amsterdam – It was also the perfect occasion to take a breather before the holidays!” Described Jeanne and Charlotte, clearly passionate about the destination. 

This excitement was also felt throughout the city: “The atmosphere was exceptional. The city truly exudes a positive and unique energy that was highly appreciated” a feeling shared by all our students. 

Finally, we asked our student, what was for you THE highlight of this study trip? 

  • For Diego it was “discovering the city centre, on foot or by bike, going along the different canals of the city all together” a super fun activity during their ample free time! 
  • Jeanne preferred the last group dinner “It was a good way to get together and spend a pleasant evening, with the added bonus of a nice walk along the canals at the end”. 
  • As for Charlotte, she noted how much fun it was for the students to "bump into each other at random during the strolls around the city". All in all, a visit to a magnificent city with a group of friends that's sure to last! 

Study trip à Amsterdam - canaux

Study trip Amsterdam - promo étudiants i-SAFE

They came back with loads of recommendations: 

"The MOCO with its modern art, Banksy works, and immersive exhibitions was particularly striking - the flower market! It's overflowing with colours and flavours, but it's emblematic - For gastronomy, the Stroopwafel, little waffles with syrup sold everywhere". A list so full that we don't know where to start! 

An article written by Jules Houplon, 4th year engineering student at UniLaSalle Rouen.


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