Tuesday 30 November 2021

Four 5th year students in Food & Health led awareness-raising workshops for an Intercommunal Social Center. Objective: to improve the diet and health of seniors.

Creating links

Creating social links for isolated seniors, preventing loss of autonomy and helping them improve their health through a more balanced diet; this is the goal of the SENSAS'PB project (SENSibilisation à l'Alimentation des Seniors du Pays de Bray), an initiative launched by Claire DUGA, Laure GANNEVALLE, Doriane MARIETTE and Emilie SALEMBIER, all students in their 5th year of the Food and Health program (Prevention, Food and Health benefits - PREVALS).

Solicited by the François Maillard Intercommunal Social Center in Coudray-Saint-Germer, the future engineers set up a series of actions intended for the volunteers who make up the structure and who carry out social visits to seniors in the Pays de Bray, in the Oise region.

From theory to practice

Supervised by Flore Depeint, a teacher-researcher in human nutrition, and Clémence THIRY, an engineer in food and human health, the students developed two workshops that were held on UniLaSalle's Beauvais campus, and more specifically within the culinary platform.

For two days, 10 volunteers from the social center were able to put the students' advice into practice by preparing four starters, four main courses, four desserts and four snacks that could be made by the elderly. These recipes have the particularity of being easy to make, while being balanced and affordable. A recipe book is given to the participants of the workshops, which will allow them to use the notions acquired during this training, and to provide directly at the home of the seniors.


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