Tuesday 29 June 2021

Understand the mutations.
Anticipating changes.
To accompany the actors of the breeding sectors.

Faced with both an increase in global demand for meat products and a sharp rise in societal expectations in terms of animal welfare and questions about their environmental impact, the livestock farming sectors must undergo profound changes in order to adapt to market demands.

It is in this context that UniLaSalle and the Avril group have decided to join forces to create the teaching and research chair "Changes in the livestock sector and societal issues".


A 4-year scientific approach

The main objective of the first phase of the process will be to identify possible scenarios and the dynamics of past and future transformations of livestock systems and industries, starting with an inventory of existing prospective studies. At the same time, consumer expectations, regulatory changes and the impact of technological and digital innovation will be analyzed.

This approach will highlight the major trends and possible scenarios for the evolution of animal production systems in France and internationally. A multidisciplinary team, including economists, managers, sociologists and animal production specialists, will be mobilized.

The second phase will focus on one or more of the themes identified for each of these scenarios. This phase will lead to the establishment of indicators to better understand socio-economic, societal and technological trends. Thus, a finer vision of the current evolutions will allow a better understanding of the conjunctural movements and the structural trends of the consumption and the transformation of the sector, with the objective of a greater reactivity and an increased capacity of anticipation for the actors of the sectors and the breeding systems.
Financed by Avril through sponsorship, this work, of general interest, will be made public through various communications.

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photo : Aurélien Mahot


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