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Monday 16 January 2023

UniLaSalle & NatUp held their first graduation ceremony for continuing education on agroecology and sustainable farm management.

In November 2021, NatUp committed itself to deliver an agronomist training to all its field advisors. Certified by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles, this training was implemented by UniLaSalle. 

A few words about NatUp

The cooperative accompanies its members in the agro-ecological transition and has committed itself with UniLaSalle to deliver training as an agronomist to all its field advisors by the end of 2024.

Graduation of the first group of the training

On Friday 13 January, UniLaSalle and NatUp had the pleasure of celebrating the first 9 graduates of this training course, on the school's campus in Rouen, in the presence of the new President of NatUp, Antoine Declercq, the General Manager, Patrick Aps, and the entire management team of the cooperative.

For Pierre Ouvry, Director of Agriculture of the NatUp Group, this training is more than essential for its advisors.   

"This course has been particularly enriching and has allowed us to open up to other worlds than the agricultural world we know. NatUp also offers its employees the opportunity to pursue an engineering course at UniLaSalle, which represents a real opportunity for some.   

A big thank you and congratulations to this first class!"

A few words from the graduates

Discover the feedback from NatUp employees who have followed the training at UniLaSalle. You will notice that all of them emphasize the great atmosphere!   

François-Xavier Renault, NatUp Technical Coordinator   

What made you want to follow this training?   

"I have always been motivated to learn and discover new things. And I was very interested in the agroecology themes that were proposed in the training. "  

IF you had to define it in 3 words?  

"Exciting, rediscovery and conviviality"  

Valentin Lemaire, NatUp technical sales agent   

What made you want to take this training?   

"I wanted to learn more about agronomy and in particular to better understand our soils and how to work with living organisms."  

If you had to define it in 3 words?  

"Great atmosphere and technical!"  

Julian Allais, NatUP Techno-Economic Agent   

What made you want to take this training?  

"It was a great opportunity from the company. My expectations included soil management, soil structure ..., and I was delighted to learn more about these topics.  "  

If you had to define it in 3 words   

"Open-mindedness, deepening of topics and good atmosphere 😊"   

Finally, Pierre-Yves Bernard, Head of the UniLaSalle Agrobiosciences College and coordinator of this training, warmly congratulated the nine graduates, thanking them for their investment throughout the course and their permanent good mood.