Wednesday 15 February 2023

Only 12 schools out of 200 have a "3 star" label.

The "Welcome to France" label is awarded by Campus France to French higher education institutions that offer quality services to international students. Of the 200 engineering schools, only 45 have received this label. Among these, three levels are distinguished: 2 schools receive 1 star, 31 schools obtain 2 stars, 12 schools obtain 3 stars.

UniLaSalle belongs to the elite group with a 3-star level, i.e. all the expected reception facilities exist, are coordinated and offered to the vast majority of international students, whether they are on individual or supervised mobility. Thus, the internationalization of the four UniLaSalle sites is fully in line with the attractiveness strategy.

Here are the main criteria for labelling:

  1. The quality of the reception: the establishment must offer quality reception services, such as assistance on arrival, orientation, finding accommodation, etc.   
  2. Services offered: the engineering school must offer quality services to facilitate the settlement of international students in France, such as French language courses, cultural activities, integration programs, etc.   
  3. Study conditions: the institution must offer quality study conditions, such as high-level teaching programs, quality teaching resources, quality supervision, campus life, etc.   
  4. Student success: The institution must offer support programs to help international students succeed in their studies, such as tutoring programs, guidance, post-graduation follow-up, etc.   
  5. Safety: The institution must provide a safe and secure environment for international students, taking steps to ensure their physical safety and psychological well-being.   
  6. International visibility: the institution must have a clear strategy for international visibility and put in place measures to promote its programs abroad and to welcome international students.

These criteria are evaluated by a labeling committee composed of representatives from the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, Campus France, and other stakeholders in the French higher education sector.

Learn more about the "Bienvenue en France" label

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