Friday 18 December 2020

Intended for higher education institutions, the label underscores the School's commitment to sustainable development and its social responsibility in its teaching, research and campuses.

On December 14, UniLaSalle's application for the DD&RS label was accepted by the labeling committee. This committee includes representatives from the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the Ministry of Transitions, the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles, the Conference of University Presidents and the CIRSES association (Collective for the Integration of Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development in Higher Education).

Recognition of the sustainable actions and projects of the UniLaSalle campuses.

The label is based on a frame of reference of about fifty variables which shows, through a system of evidence, a minimum level of performance to be achieved and a commitment of the establishment to work in favor of sustainable development and social and territorial responsibility.

The variables cover the issues of : Strategy/governance ● Social policy & territorial anchoring ● Environmental management ● Education ● Research

Stakeholders, including students, who are the driving force behind the dynamic.

The label recognizes years of reflection, mobilization and internal work with staff, students and territories.

With this in mind, Mr. Geoffroy Belhenniche, Director of Sustainable Development for the UniLaSalle Group, conducted this audit for the school with the sustainable development referents of each campus:

"Students are today looking for training that gives meaning, that prepares them for useful jobs and wish to join schools and universities that take concrete action in favor of the 17 UN sustainable development objectives. This is what they say in the manifestos that flourish in the media. This is what this label says, not by affirming that the institution has succeeded, but on the contrary by showing that it is aware of the stakes and is on the move to solve these global problems".

The School, supported by all its stakeholders (students, employees, administrators, partners) has a duty to ensure the durability of the actions carried out to attest to its desire to set an example as a major player in a sustainable dynamic. The objective today is to improve skills, i.e., to be better rated and to stay on course for ever more responsible actions.

Exemplary recognition for future professionals

This label is in any case a first stone on which students must build their future actions in their professional life.

    "It is at once a pride, a recognition but also a commitment to continue and above all to improve. These are, moreover, the recommendations that accompanied the awarding of this label. Strengthening the integration of all our campuses, aiming for integrated management and amplifying our actions in favor of sustainable development in our research and training: these are our ambitions for the years to come," concludes Mr. Belhenniche.

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