Tuesday 14 March 2023


Evan's adventures in Brittany is a youtuber journalist who travels around Brittany and highlights the region's nuggets.

Immersion at UniLaSalle Rennes,
Evan de Bretagne shares his experience with you:

Evan de Bretagne came to meet the students of UniLaSalle Rennes I School of Environmental Professions and Lise Swertvaeger, Alumni of UniLaSalle Rennes and now a teacher in waste management, with a question that is:
Concretely, what do we learn?

What is flocculation?
Answer in pictures with Thibaud Niel, water management teacher and Evan de Bretagne.

"What are these little beasts?"...

Messika Revel, associate professor in ecotoxicology at UniLaSalle Rennes, explains the link between training and research.

Learning through play, a method to learn and make learn!
Evan de Bretagne tested it for you.
Thanks to Lucie Domingo, associate professor in eco-design and Reynald Lherbier, LCA and environmental assessment teacher, for sharing your daily life as a teacher & Antoine Vernier, student, for your experience sharing.


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