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Tuesday 12 March 2024

UniLaSalle has been awarded the "Best School Experience - Happiness Barometer 2024" by Speak & Act in collaboration with JobTeaser for the second year running, and is one of the top four French engineering schools preferred by students.

Questioned by Speak & Act, UniLaSalle students were able to freely express their feelings on five major themes:

  • quality of teaching,
  • facilities and environment,
  • CSR approach and positive impact,
  • school-business relations
  • student life and sense of belonging.

The renewal of this label is a guarantee of quality for all current and future UniLaSalle students.

88% of UniLaSalle students recommend the school

With a score of 4.43/5, UniLaSalle ranks among the best engineering schools to live and study in, confirming its determination to offer its students a rich student experience both academically, through the teaching, working methods and tools made available to them, and extra-academically, notably through involvement in associations and the values associated with them.

This ranking is representative of the UniLaSalle group's ambitions, since :

  • 88% are satisfied with the richness of the academic program (specialization, inter-campus exchanges, international dimension), compared with an average of 80% in other engineering schools;
  • 91% are satisfied with the premises, judging them to be suited to new learning methods (research, concentration, group work, distance exchanges, etc.), compared with 84% in other engineering schools;
  • 98% of students are satisfied with the quality of the school's associations, compared with an average of 85% in other engineering schools;

This student experience is also characterized by a high level of investment by graduates in the Alumnis' network, a fact that the students surveyed did not fail to underline: 92% of them consider that the school enabled them to access and develop a network that will be useful for their future career, compared with 80% in other schools.

Finally, 86% of students are proud of UniLaSalle and 88% recommend the school.

Discover UniLaSalle's reviews on speaknact.fr 

About Speak & Act

Speak & Act labels companies and schools offering the best employee, intern, candidate and student experience, to guide students and candidates towards the right employer and the right school. The "Best School Experience - Happiness Barometer" CSR ranking and label identifies the schools preferred by students and highlights the schools and universities offering the best student experience. It is based exclusively on the opinions of students collected via an anonymous questionnaire, guaranteeing its impartial and independent nature. Students in training during 2023 rated their level of satisfaction on a range of criteria, including academic excellence, quality of facilities, community life, employer recognition and the strength of the alumni network.

About UniLaSalle

Present in Amiens, Beauvais, Rennes and Rouen, UniLaSalle is a Polytechnic Institute resulting from the merger of five engineering schools and the creation of a veterinary school. At the heart of the challenges of transition, UniLaSalle is shaping a new generation of Grande Ecole that unites the sciences of Life, Earth, Environment and Energy with industrial sciences and digital technologies. In figures, UniLaSalle represents 20 courses (Engineering, Bachelors, Masters, Specialized Masters, Master of Science, Veterinary School), 260 international partner universities, over 4050 students on 4 campuses and 22,000 alumni.