Friday 10 June 2022

Instar Robotics and UniLaSalle, via its investment fund Beauvais Technova - UniLaSalle Expansion, have just signed a partnership agreement for the development of the start-up specialized in the design of robots dedicated to agricultural use.

Instar Robotics, a company founded 2018 by Pierre Delarboulas and Adrien Jauffret designs and produces autonomous robots that are intended to help horticulturists in their work.

Trooper, the first robot of the Cergyssoise-based company was created to perform several plant handling tasks, such as placing pots on boards to ensure their development, or tightening operations that consist in grouping plants to protect them from bad weather.

Trooper is the tool that allows professionals in the sector to automate repetitive handling tasks, allowing them to concentrate on other tasks inherent to their profession. The use of this machine also reduces the arduousness of the employees by avoiding them to handle many heavy loads.

Thanks to the partnership signed between the two structures, Instar Robotics will be able to rely on UniLaSalle's expertise in the field of research and development, in particular through the use of its various technological and academic platforms (AgriLab, field experimentation platforms, collaboration with teacher-researchers, etc.). This component is also accompanied by financial support from the polytechnic institute: through its Beauvais Technova - UniLaSalle Expansion investment fund, UniLaSalle has now invested in the company and is a shareholder in the structure alongside the founders and Groupama Paris Val de Loire.
Instar Robotics plans to launch its first ten units on the market in September 2022.

The company will be present at the Salon du Végétal on September 13, 14 and 15.

Instar Robotics website


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