Thursday 11 March 2021

On the occasion of the International Day for Women's Rights and the conference "Engineer, Engineeress, why not you? "organized on Tuesday, March 9, 2021, UniLaSalle has chosen to highlight the male and female students who have decided to commit themselves to the fight against discrimination, and in particular against discrimination against women.

Beauvais Campus

It is one of the latest born on UniLaSalle campuses. Since 2019, the Universal com' intends to promote gender equality, diversity and visibility for all on UniLaSalle campuses. "Our com' has been rather well received at school, we had many messages of support on the networks, including Alumni" says Noémie.

The student association, which chose to use the colors of the Suffragettes movement for its logo, is targeting sexist, xenophobic, homophobic and fat-phobic behaviors and comments. The objective is to fight against all forms of discrimination and to change mentalities.

"There are still many things to do and I thought it was good to get involved in a project that was close to my heart," explains Jesse, a member of the Com'Universal.

While the pandemic has put the association's more "visible" projects, such as organizing conferences and roundtables, on hold, its members have not been idle.

"The action of which I am the most proud for the moment, is the fact that we exposed in the agora photos and panels of the great figures of feminism on the occasion of the international day of the women's rights, on March 8" tells Marine. "The message we're trying to get across with Com' Universal is to make people understand that gender equality concerns everyone, not just women. "

Com' Universal also ran an awareness campaign through a drawing contest on the theme of "women in power" implemented in collaboration with the Arts Offices of the Beauvais and Rennes campuses.

You can follow Com' Universal on Instagram or Facebook.

Rouen Campus

Created in the wake of the Com'Universal, the Universal club carries out similar discrimination awareness actions for the Rouen campus. For Thelma, the objective is "to encourage everyone to learn more about diversity. I think that right now, all the hate and inappropriate comments are mostly due to ignorance. "

Again, the students involved had to adapt to the health context. The diversity week had to be postponed because of the second lockdown, but the Universal club was able to propose an alternative with the organization of a poster exhibition presenting a definition and key figures around the main discriminations (racism, sexism, validism, LGBTphobia). "Often, we tend to think that things can be said or done when it is simply ordinary discrimination. Our goal is to communicate about it," Nina explains.

"I'm very proud of our commitment, of the number of people we manage to motivate, people who were rather discreet but who are committed to defending these values anyway", Jeanne enthuses.

The Universal club's projects can also be followed on Instagram.

Rennes Campus

In Rennes, the commitment is a little different. There is no committee as such, but rather students who are personally involved.

To advance the cause of women, Audren relies on awareness and information. "I act mainly on a daily basis, by pointing out certain behaviors, and informing myself on the subject to be able to defend and assert my ideas. "An action which passes in particular by the reading. "I'm thinking of the comic book Culottées, by Pénélope Bagieu, which talks about women who have defied prohibitions or social norms related to sexism or patriarchy, or the comic book "M'explique pas la vie mec" by Rokhaya Diallo, which gives women the keys to (re)speak up and invest their rightful place. "

For Marianne, the simple fact of having entered an engineering school makes her very proud. "This sector is often wrongly considered masculine: I had to get out of my confidence zone and I was able to overcome some of my own preconceived ideas, such as not being up to the level of a sector that is considered more accessible to men. Participating in days organized by "Des filles et des maths" contributed a lot to this. "

As for Inès, she draws on her dual French and Argentinean nationality to compare the points of view and the situation of women in her two countries.

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