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Friday 10 November 2023

UniLaSalle unveils its new communications territory


You always need a starting point. What if UniLaSalle was the starting point for the changes the world needs?


Tomorrow starts here. With this new tagline, UniLaSalle is positioning itself as the place to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to meet present and future challenges. It's a slogan for students and businesses alike.

It's here, at UniLaSalle, that today's young people train for tomorrow's professions, and prepare themselves to find the answers to present and future challenges. It's also here that they begin to commit themselves to the service of others, through the teeming community life on our campuses.

It is here, at UniLaSalle, that companies can enrich the skills of their teams or develop the innovations needed for tomorrow.

With this signature, UniLaSalle positions itself as the starting point towards the solution.