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Tuesday 13 July 2021

An engineering training program through apprenticeship must meet a double requirement:

  • To be linked to the company and meet the employer's expectations,   
  • To be of a high scientific level.

Thus, within the framework of apprenticeship contracts (most of which last 3 years), UniLaSalle offers its 4th year apprentices the opportunity to approach the missions entrusted to them in the company through a project-type approach.

This work is an opportunity for the apprentice to implement the "project management" methodology, based on a real case arising from the needs of the host company.

Analysis of the context, statement of a problem, development of an action plan, analysis and interpretation of the results are all done in 180 seconds, in order to popularize the subject as much as possible and ultimately arouse interest.

The project in a company is therefore an in-depth work that must also be able to be presented quickly to a wider public, not expert in the subject.

Thus, each year, on Apprenticeship Day - the Thursday of the second week of June - all the apprenticeship masters (company referents) of the specialties on the Beauvais campus are invited to a time of information and exchange of best practices on the support of their apprentices.

To illustrate the diversity of training opportunities, all apprentices are invited to present their topic in 180 seconds.

For the 2021 edition, 110 apprentices, divided into 11 different juries, took part in the game.

The evaluators are the apprenticeship tutors (school referents), led by a jury chairman who is a more experienced tutor.

Each jury views 10 videos and evaluates them according to a grid of criteria: scientific popularization, pedagogy adapted to a large audience. At the end of this stage, the best video of each jury is communicated to the experienced tutors; it is up to them to select the 3 best among the 11 which are presented to all the tutors at the end of the day.  This event makes it possible to illustrate the diversity of the themes likely to be tackled by UniLaSalle engineers to a large audience of professionals.

For the 2020-2021 edition, the following speakers have been selected

  • Cecile ADAM - Technosol: Which foundation for the construction of social housing in Calvados?   
  • Laura CHASSAGRANDE - Lactinov: Ensuring the food safety of products through the HACCP method.   
  • Kelly MIGNOT - AXIANE Meunerie : How to optimize the management of final waste?   
  • Lucie BARON - CHAMBRE D'AGRICULTURE : Production of references on the factors of variation of Sorghum grain yield in Ile de France    

The appointment is made for the next edition on June 9, 2022.