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The food industry is the essential link between agricultural production and the content of your plate. From family SMEs to large groups, it offers a multitude of opportunities for UniLaSalle graduates and is one of the most important business sectors in France.

The multidisciplinary skills of UniLaSalle students open the doors to a wide range of professions within the food industry.

Attracted to innovation? Research and development is for you! Engineers opting for a specialization in agrifood are qualified to invent the food products of tomorrow, or improve the nutritional and / or organoleptic qualities of existing products. Agronomy and Agro-industries engineers as well as Food and Health engineers are able to work in this field, the latter adding a "health" approach to product innovation.

These new food products are not the result of chance! They are generally created to meet the expectations of consumers, who are constantly evolving. The role of the marketing department is precisely to detect these new trends and to lead the agrifood industries to develop their product catalog in this direction. Here again, engineers in Agronomy and Agro-industries have their cards to play thanks to their knowledge of the market, as are engineers in Food and Health for food products with a health dimension. They can also work in communication or in a sales department.

Another area of ​​choice for our UniLaSalle engineers: manufacturing processes. Agronomy and Agro-industries engineers acquire the skills to organize production chains and optimize processes in the food industry.

Food and Health engineers will also be vigilant about food quality and safety. Their knowledge of microbiology and sanitary standards allows them to ensure that products leaving the production chains do not pose any risk to consumers.

What about research?

Within the Transformations and Agroresources research unit (EA 7519), the PETALES team (Food processes and transformations and health effects) study the health effects of processes used in the food industry.

The INTERACT unit (Innovation, territory, agriculture & agro-industry, knowledge and technology) look at innovation processes in the agro-industry, and in particular in the agro-food sector.