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At UniLaSalle, the leitmotiv of our students is #IWantToActForThePlanet... this is why the environment and sustainable development have a central place in our training.

At UniLaSalle, the environment and sustainable development are at the heart of all our courses. Whether you study geology, agronomy, digital technology, food & health or environmental engineering, you will address these issues in order to apply them in projects, internships and, of course, in your professional life.
Engineering and Bachelor's students in Environmental Engineering are trained to help economic players change their model. At the heart of the challenges of the ecological and environmental transition and the circular economy, they operate on processes to improve the quality of air, water and soil, to better recycle and valorize waste and to develop renewable energy. Their areas of expertise include reducing the impact of human activity, creating new models, improving environmental performance, sustainable development of territories, optimizing treatment and depollution processes, and eco-design.

The environment also plays an important role in the training of our agronomy engineers, particularly through agro-ecology, a system that relies on ecosystems to produce while limiting the pressure on the environment.

For geologists, the environment plays an important role in geotechnical diagnoses carried out prior to infrastructure construction projects (roads, bridges, etc.) or during the clean-up of polluted soil.

ESIEE-Amiens-UniLaSalle engineers work to analyze, design, and integrate electrical systems while taking into account sustainable development aspects; choosing the most appropriate energy source, taking into account environmental preservation criteria and economic constraints.

Whatever their choice of training, all UniLaSalle students are made aware of sustainable development as soon as they join. Study project, internship report, associative involvement, sustainable development is at the heart of our courses and our project.