Participating in the life of the school, organizing events bringing together thousands of people, organizing the campus once the courses are over, revealing your personality ... These are all good reasons to join a student association.


At UniLaSalle, one in two students has a responsibility in the associative life of the school. With 120 student associations spread over our 4 campuses, you will inevitably find something to thrive!

A school who supports your projects

The importance given to student life has prompted UniLaSalle to set up a department entirely dedicated to supporting students: the Department of Educational Mission and Student Life.

The DMVE works with the Student Offices on the various campuses to encourage your involvement in community, cultural and sporting activities.

By supporting the many associations on campus, helping them to bring their projects to fruition, promoting their actions and supporting them financially, the DMVE team contributes to a dynamic associative life at the heart of which you'll find plenty to get involved in and surpass yourself.

The common objective of all those involved in the Lasallian educational project is to enable every student to succeed in his or her studies, and to be able to participate in the evolution of society. This requires strong commitments, the ability and motivation to step outside oneself and reach out to others.

This is what the Service and Solidarity Commitments (ESS) are all about: the DMVE is the lead department.

  • The service commitment concerns all students from 1st to 4th year, with a minimum number of hours of work to be carried out within the institute and on campus to help organize or lead school life.   
  • The solidarity commitment involves meeting people in difficulty. Every student is involved at least once during his or her studies, with a campus association, the Lasallian network or any other off-campus association working in the field of solidarity.


When you arrive on the UniLaSalle campus, you'll find a team at the DMVE totally dedicated to you.

    To help you find your feet and ease your integration into the Institute;
    To listen to you attentively and confidentially;
    To guide you in your choices and commitments, both personal and academic.

The members of the DMVE are in constant contact with the specialization directors, and with the international department to welcome and facilitate the administrative procedures for students from abroad, and they offer support tailored to each student with a disability. They also coordinate needs in terms of prevention and health, and organize numerous actions and contacts.