Wednesday 13 July 2022

The jury of the agricultural short film festival awarded the pedagogy prize and the "coup de coeur" prize to two videos made by engineering students from the Rouen campus.

The course on New Information and Communication Technologies in Agriculture offered on the Rouen campus by Adrien Gauthier and Marie-Pierre Bruyant aims to show the importance of better communicating on new plant protection methods. Objective achieved! With two award-winning videos at Clap de Champs, the agricultural technical short film festival organized by Arvalis as part of Lin'Ovation, UniLaSalle was able to show off its students' know-how in this area.

"The videos produced by the engineering students and the mini-conferences organized as part of this module serve as educational tools for the students themselves, but also for the general public," explains Adrien Gauthier, a teacher-researcher in plant pathology at UniLaSalle Rouen, who supervises this course.  

This objective corresponds well to the purpose of Clap de Champ, which asks agronomy students to present an agricultural innovation via a short film lasting no more than two minutes. Although the videos were not made with the specific aim of competing in the festival, their quality prompted the teaching team to present them. With success.

The jury, composed of farmers, was very interested in these videos. "The students use simple words," summarizes Vincent Guyot, a farmer who is very involved in communicating with the general public via his Twitter account.


Favourite prize for "Handy, the drone that targets diseases

The "Coup de Coeur" prize was awarded to a video presenting Handy, a drone with an infrared sensor capable of spotting diseases. This innovation allows farmers to target their treatments on affected plants.

Congratulations to Marie Michot, Corentin Laveron, Clara Letourniant and Camille Hazard, student engineers in Agronomy and Agro-industries on the Rouen campus, for this video, the quality of which was praised by the jury, composed of farmers.



Pedagogy prize for "Rapeseed cultivation associated with faba beans

The quality of the explanations and the graphics of the video "Rapeseed cultivation associated with faba bean", produced by Héloïse Courtier, Ilona Ben Djaballah, Clémence Beaufils and Clara Auber, allowed them to obtain the pedagogy prize. The video explains how the use of faba bean as an intermediate crop can be effective in protecting the rapeseed crop from certain pests.

Congratulations to these two teams and their teacher-researchers for these well-deserved awards.

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