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Tuesday 12 March 2024

Every year, the Medical Training Center at Rouen University Hospital opens its doors to first-year veterinary students at UniLaSalle. Working in small groups, they were able to learn suturing methods: both open and laparoscopic, and came away with a new vision of the link between human and veterinary medicine.

Would you like to spend a day with surgeons from the Medical Training Center? Our veterinary students certainly do!

By following them through two workshops, they were able to learn and apply what they had learned in practice. Let's find out more about this special day with Adèle.

I found it surprising that we went to a medical establishment. We were made very welcome and it was really nice to see the collaboration between human and veterinary medicine!

The art of suturing from every angle!

Accompanied by surgical professionals, they were able to observe and practice the rudiments of thread, needle holder and needle. Simple stitch, cross-stitch, U-stitch, blair stitch or overlock, they practiced all these suturing techniques! Most of our students were surprised by the precision required! A slightly stressful but very stimulating exercise, which gave our students concrete and rapid results.

Next, it was time to discover deep laparoscopy; a precision surgical technique, enabling us to operate inside the patient's body, assisted by forceps and a screen, with the aim of leaving as few scars as possible. For all concerned, the first few minutes of manipulation were rather disconcerting, as the length of the forceps and the use of the screen broke all reference points! But in the end, it was Adèle's favorite workshop! 

initation à la suture pour les élèves vétérinaires d'UniLaSalle


It was very technical and required real concentration, so I really enjoyed the workshop!

Point of history

This technique, developed in France in the 1940s, was highly controversial in its early days.Today, it is widely used in human and veterinary medicine for its advantages in terms of risk reduction during and after operations: an issue of great interest to our future veterinarians!

It was a packed program, of interest to all our students, from the more manual-minded to those who prefer innovative techniques! For Adèle, these two workshops went well beyond the practical aspects themselves: "the practical aspect gives a motivational boost to the courses in general. It's all positive!" 

élève vétérinaire d'UniLaSalle Rouen apprenant une technique de suture


apprentissage des techniques de sutures


étudiants vétérinaires apprenant à suturer


étudiante vétérinaire s'exerçant à la suture