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Acquire formulation expertise to renovate existing recipes or develop new products in line with consumer expectations and production constraints.

The challenges of food product design

Master the food sciences relating to formulation and processes for the improvement and innovation of food products to meet changing consumer trends (health products, naturalness,
ready-to-eat, etc.), while respecting the constraints of large-scale production after laboratory validation.

The main aim of this course is to acquire the tools and methods needed for formulation: experimental approaches, physicochemical, rheological and sensory analysis of foodstuffs, assessment of the impact of agri-food processes on their properties, etc.
processes on their nutritional, taste and technological qualities, and assessing the functionality of the ingredients used.

Diploma sought: Master degree in Agri-Food and Health

Campus : Beauvais

Language of instruction: French / English

Status: student (4th and 5th year) or apprentice (5th year only)

Course details

Food product development and characterization major



Each semester includes 2 blocks dedicated to minors, corresponding to 54 hours of complementary courses that enable students to complete their training in a related field.

Some examples of minors

Block 1: Packaging / What about scientific approach - Research / Industrial and municipal waste management / Innovating, undertaking and combating creaticide attitudes / Scientific approach - Research - Beginner

Block 2: Food hygiene and quality (in the food industry and catering) / The microbiota: at the heart of health / Nutritional specific Needs / Marketing studies and consumer trends / Scientific approach - Research - Beginner / Consolidate your level of English - Validate the level required

In semester 8, you can choose between the course's main major or an opening major:

Major Development of new healthy food



Each semester includes 2 blocks dedicated to minors, corresponding to 54 hours of complementary teaching that enable students to complete their training in a related field.

Proposed minors

Block 1: Predictive microbiology and product shelf life / Popularize Science - Research / Sales techniques and commercial relations

Block 2: Impact of agricultural practices on the quality of processed products / Marketing decisions and actions / Mastering fermentation: Bioprocesses & Benefits


Other proposed majors

  • Food Safety in Production and Catering
  • Scientific Evaluation in Food for Health
  • Production tools - Factory 4.0


In Semester 9, you can choose to follow your own path, by selecting from :

  • one of the main majors in the Food Product Design and Analysis pathway, which takes a more in-depth look at this field:      
    • Responsible Food Marketing (Beauvais campus)       
    • Bridging Agroressources to Health by innovation (Beauvais campus)   
  • one or more opening majors, designed to broaden your skills in another field:       
    • QHSE, RSE, Risk manager (Beauvais campus)       
    • Production management and industrial performance (Beauvais campus)       
    • Purchasing and supply chain (Beauvais campus)       
    • Intrapreneurship, entrepreneurship and innovation (Beauvais campus)   
  • a semester, a double degree or a degree-granting stay in France or abroad (from 12 to 18 months for a double degree or a degree-granting stay)

The final project is based on an in-company work placement or research placement for students, or on the long period spent in a company for apprentices.

A final dissertation is written and presented orally.

What career options are available after completing the Food Product Design and Analysis course?

The Design and Analysis of Food Products pathway enables you to work in the field of nutrition and health, in the food industry, consulting firms or R&D laboratories.

some professions

  • R&D Engineer
  • Nutritional engineer
  • Project manager

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