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For the 5th year running, UniLaSalle has been awarded the Happy at School Label for its 4 campuses, with a score of 8.44/10, attesting to a student experience that is particularly appreciated at all levels. This year, the questionnaire has been modified to take better account of the theme of sustainable development. 

Confidence in the future: a real asset!

921 4th and 5th year engineering students from UniLaSalle's 4 campuses (Amiens, Beauvais, Rennes, Rouen) took part in ChoosemyCompany's survey in October-November 2023 to assess the quality of their student experience based on 5 themes:

  • Educational environment & Student life,
  • Teaching / Pedagogy,
  • Employability,
  • Confidence in the future,
  • Sustainable development.

As in the previous year, confidence in the future is a real point of differentiation for UniLaSalle students, since 92.4% of students surveyed believe they will be able to find a job that matches their values, aspirations and skills, and 88.6% believe that the school is preparing them to have a positive impact on tomorrow's world.  

At the same time, the values of sustainable development and the practices adopted within UniLaSalle are particularly noted, with 91.3% of students appreciating the fact that they can participate in positive impact initiatives (associations, students, sponsored programs, scholarships...) and 87.5% believing that the school is committed to a responsible environmental approach. 

Student and educational life remains as popular as ever for 92% of them.

With UniLaSalle's new Happyatschool 2024 label, tomorrow starts here.