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UniLaSalle confirms its position from last year

The 2024 edition of Figaro's post-bac school rankings has just been published, using a methodology based on data certified by the Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur. In this new edition, UniLaSalle improves its overall score from 14.1/20 last year to 14.7/20 in 2024, particularly on the criteria of employability and academic excellence, and retains the same overall ranking of 42nd out of 98 ranked schools.

Academic excellence

Improving its score by 1.5 points on this aspect, UniLaSalle stands out for the proportion of PhD teaching-researchers (publishing in the last two years and belonging to a research team) among its permanent teaching staff, making it one of the top third of private schools. 

Graphique "Comparaison de la part des chercheurs parmi les enseignants" : Moyenne des écoles privées à 52% contre 64% pour UniLaSalle


 With a score of 16.8/20 for employability, UniLaSalle has once again positioned itself as one of the schools offering competitive professional integration.

Among the new criteria used this year was the proportion of apprentices, highlighting UniLaSalle's commitment to professionalizing its students during their studies, enabling them to supplement the theoretical input received during their training with practical experience in the professional world. With an apprentice rate of 29%, UniLaSalle has the highest rate of any post-baccalaureate school in agronomy, agri-food, environmental engineering and geology.