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L'Etudiant's new ranking of engineering schools has just been published, with a slight revision of the criteria, and a more important place given, on the one hand, to sandwich courses in the academic curriculum, and on the other hand to the environment.

The 170 schools ranked this year were assessed on the basis of 14 criteria, for a maximum score of 123 points.

In terms of proximity to companies, UniLaSalle enters the TOP 10, ranking 7ᵉ school out of 170 (4 schools tied at 24/30 points).  The criteria used are, the policy of developing 12 training and research chairs financed by companies (8 points out of 10), but also thanks to a very large panel of partner companies that can be mobilized for the many events organized by the school (9 points out of 10) and a work-study rate of 25.12%, i.e. almost a thousand contracts (7 points out of 10).

On a national scale, UniLaSalle emerges as a leading school for corporate relations in many specialties. With a score of 24/30, UniLaSalle ranks in :

  • 1st position out of 11 for agriculture (see ranking)
  • 1st place out of 11 for forestry and biosystems engineering (see ranking
  • 1st place out of 23 for food processing engineering (see ranking
  • 1st place out of 3 for geology (see ranking
  • 1st place out of 25 for environmental engineering (see ranking
  • 1st place out of 44 for industrial engineering (see ranking
  • 2nd place out of 48 for electrical and electronics engineering (see ranking
  • 2nd place out of 14 for engineer manager (see ranking
  • 4th position out of 48 for IT (see ranking

UniLaSalle is one of the leaders in the "Environment" category, having been awarded the "Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility" label for over five years, and implementing its strategy of teaching, researching and acting collectively for ecological and societal transformation: Uni4change. With a total of 3/3, UniLaSalle is one of only 10% of schools to obtain full points. This criterion is gradually gaining in importance, but remains relatively limited (3 points out of 123).