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Analyze and control the quality of food products during processing, while complying with regulations and preventing risks for healthy, sustainable food production.

The challenges of QHSE (quality, hygiene, safety, environment) in the agrifood and foodservice sectors

  • Guarantee the quality and safety of food products in compliance with regulations and customer and consumer expectations.

  • Know how to lead actions for continuous improvement of product and system quality, employee safety and the company's impact on its environment.

In particular, this course will enable you to acquire skills in microbiology and industrial hygiene, product quality control, regulatory monitoring, quality system management and auditing.

Diploma sought: Master degre in Agri-Food and Health

Campus : Beauvais

Language of instruction: French / English

Status: student (4th and 5th year) or apprentice (5th year only)

Course details

Major The Quality Engineer at the heart of food production



Each semester includes 2 blocks dedicated to minors, corresponding to 54 hours of complementary teaching, enabling students to complete their training in a related field.

Some examples of minors

Block 1: Packaging / Connected health / What about scientific approach - Research / Industrial and community waste management / Innovating, undertaking and combating creaticide attitudes / Scientific approach - Research - Beginner

Block 2: The microbiota: at the heart of health / Nutritional specific Needs / Marketing studies and consumer trends / CSR Focus / Scientific approach - Research - Beginner / Consolidate your English level - Validate the required level

In semester 8, you can choose between the course's main major or an opening major:

major Food safety in Production and Catering or other major



Chaque semestre comporte 2 blocs dédiés aux mineures, correspondant à 54 heures d'enseignements complémentaires qui permettent à l'étudiant de compléter sa formation dans un domaine connexe. 

Proposed minors

Block 1: Food R&D: from concept to valorization / Popularize Science - Research / Introduction to the Web: Developing a website / Sales techniques and commercial relations

Block 2: Impact of agricultural practices on the quality of processed products / Marketing decisions and actions / Mastering fermentation: Bioprocesses & Benefits / Health education players


Other proposed majors

  • Development of new healthy food

  • Production tools - Factory 4.0

In Semester 9, you can choose to follow your own path, by selecting from :


  • one of the main majors in the Strategic management and QNHSE: drivers of Sustainable Development in Food Industry and Catering course, which takes a more in-depth look at this field:       
    • Management of food service providers (Beauvais campus)
    • QHSE, RSE, Risk manager (Beauvais campus)
  • one or more opening majors, designed to broaden your skills in another field:       
    • Production management and industrial performance (Beauvais campus)       
    • Purchasing and supply chain (Beauvais campus)
    • Responsible food marketing (Beauvais campus)       
    • Bridging Agroressources to Health by innovation (Beauvais campus)       
    • Intrapreneurship, entrepreneurship and innovation (Beauvais campus)   
  • a semester, a double degree or a degree-granting stay in France or abroad (from 12 to 18 months for a double degree or a degree-granting stay)

The final project is based on an in-company work placement or research placement for students, or on the long period spent in a company for apprentices.

A final dissertation is written and presented orally.

What careers can I expect after completing the Strategic Management and QNHSE: driving sustainable development in the food and catering industries?

The Strategic management and QNHSE: drivers of Sustainable Development in Food Industry and Catering course enables students to work in the agri-food industry, out-of-home catering, mass distribution, quality/nutrition consulting firms, auditing firms and analysis and control laboratories.

some professions

  • Quality, nutrition, health, safety and environment manager
  • Quality assurance manager
  • Laboratory manager
  • Quality auditor

They welcome our engineers


some Alumni

  • Clara ROUSSEAU (2021), Oncology Catering Project Manager, Elior - Institut Paul Bocuse

  • Laura GHARIOS (2019), Deputy Catering Director, Gustave Roussy, Elior

  • Pauline GONTHIER (2018), EHPAD Director, Korian