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Wednesday 08 November 2023

Valentin received an award for the quality of his final year thesis at the SIM Congress.

Just graduated but already honored by mining industry pros! Valentin Ogé has just been awarded the Prix Jeunes by the Société de l'industrie minérale (SIM) for his work on his internship and final dissertation at Eramet Ideas.

The 5th year Geosciences & Environment engineering student spent 6 months working on the valorization of co-products in an Indonesian nickel ore. In other words, Valentin studied the feasibility of recovering the chromites present in limonite, which until now has been considered a mine waste. Limonite is separated during the initial processing stages to avoid damaging the plant. As the only mineral containing chromium in economic concentrations, the aim is to characterize and enrich it so that it can be recycled as efficiently as possible.

The jury was particularly impressed by the clarity of the arguments presented to them, and by the comprehensive geometallurgical study combining mineralurgical, mineralogical and geochemical studies. The strength of this study lies in its focus on the development of a more responsible mining industry.

This award gives Valentin a high profile in the mining industry, where he intends to pursue a career in research and development. In addition to receiving his prize in front of an audience of industrialists attending the SIM Congress, Valentin's work will be published in a special issue of the magazine "Mines & carrières".

"Geology is an integral part of my identity.

"I've been passionate about mineralogy and geology for 13 years, a passion that has only grown to this day," testifies Valentin. "I'm even prouder of this award because geology is an integral part of my identity. That this sometimes irrational love of the geosciences should be rewarded is the culmination of years of effort and sacrifice. I'm currently looking for a thesis in the mineral resources sector, and this prize is an encouragement on a long road that I hope will be filled with projects of this kind that make sense. I'd like to put all my energy into "my beautiful geology", both to work towards the development of tomorrow's efficient and responsible mine that secures the supply of raw materials, but also to understand a fascinating environment that is far beyond us. I couldn't stop looking until I understood it."

The SIM congress, a must for 5th year students in the Energy and Mineral Resources course

Valentin was inspired to enter the competition by the annual participation of students in the Sustainable Mineral Resources course (5th year Geosciences & Environment engineering program) at the SIM congress. For Lucien Corbineau, one of the teacher-researchers who supported him in his approach, the Prix Jeunes de la SIM is "a fantastic showcase for student recruitment or for the pursuit of their professional project. Beyond the business card, it's also an excellent teaching exercise. We can thank Eramet Ideas for playing the game of lifting the confidentiality of certain data, which enabled Valentin to apply."

UniLaSalle congratulates Valentin and his mentors, Mohamed Nasraoui (Valentin's final year internship tutor) and Lucien Corbineau, on this prestigious award.

Valentin was not the only Lasallian in the running for the Prix Jeunes. Clément Bonnault, from the same class, also made the trip to the SIM Congress. As a student-entrepreneur, he was able to take advantage of the event to present his business project at the Start up forum.

Each year, the SIM Jeunes prize rewards a student or researcher under the age of 35 for the quality of their work in the mining sector (geology, mining, processing, recycling, environment). The winning works are then promoted to mining industry professionals.

Through this award, the mineral industry aims to encourage young people to pursue their professional careers in this sector.

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