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A 100% English-language pre-engineering course for an international career

A scientific preparatory course in English on a multicultural campus? That's the program offered by UniLaSalle Rouen's Life & Environmental Sciences pre-engineering program!  

Entirely geared to the international scene, this program prepares you to embark on a career around the world in agronomy and its main outlets (agri-food or non-food), with a fully integrated global dimension.

The Life & Environmental Sciences preparatory program also includes 4 study trips across Europe to learn about a wide variety of agricultural contexts.

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Discover the detailed program of the Life & Environmental Sciences pre-engineering cycle

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How do I get into the Life & Environmental Sciences pre-engineering program?

Admission procedure

Admission based on application and motivation interview

The Life & Environmental Sciences pre-engineering cycle is accessible after :

  • a general baccalaureate   
  • STAV baccalaureate      
  • an STL baccalaureate      
  • STI2D baccalaureate

For baccalaureate holders (general and technological series), as well as for baccalaureate +1 candidates wishing to change direction, applications are made via Parcoursup.

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Which specialties should I choose for the bac général?

In première, we advise you to select :

  • the mathematics speciality   
  • a scientific speciality (SVT, Physics-Chemistry, Biology-Ecology, Engineering Sciences)   
  • a specialty you're passionate about (arts, geopolitics, sports, languages...)

In your final year, 3 combinations are possible:

  • the mathematics speciality + a second scientific speciality   
  • two scientific specialties + the complementary mathematics specialty   
  • the mathematics specialization + a non-scientific specialization

Admission by application and interview, directly via the unilasalle.fr website


Prerequisites :

  • Enrolled in one of the following courses:       
    • BCPST 1 / 1st year of CPGE       
    • Licence 1 or 2       
    • BTS or BTSA       
    • PASS / LAS

I apply

Candidates with an international baccalaureate diploma can apply via Campus France or directly on the UniLaSalle website.

Access to Campus France

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Any questions? Contact us!
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Admissions - international candidates
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