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Being an engineer to protect the environment: a dream come true

Who wouldn't want a more responsible society? To reduce the impact of human activities?

Our Environmental Engineering course aims to protect nature, preserve biodiversity, help companies take steps towards sustainable development and respond concretely to the ecological and societal transition.

Here, you can enrich your technical and scientific skills with the latest innovations in the human and social sciences. Better understanding for better action.

Find out more about the BSc + MSc in Environmental Engineering curriculum

Access to the program


campus (Rennes)


career paths


months of internship


months minimum abroad

Ingénieur métier environnement
  • Work-study program
  • 1 international mobility program for all in 3rd year
  • Possibility of mobility semesters and double degrees
  • Training recognized by companies
  • Practice-based pedagogy
  • Research-based training
  • Rich and unique student experience

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Apply to the Environmental Engineering program

La formation d'ingénieur en Génie de l'Environnement est accessible en post-bac via le cycle pré-ingénieur Sciences de la Terre, du vivant et de l'environnement ou via le cycle pré-ingénieur Life & Environmental Sciences.

Admission en 2e année de cycle pré-ingénieur 

  • BCSPT 1 / 1re année CPGE
  • Licence 1 ou 2
  • BTS ou BTSA
  • Licence PASS / LAS

Admission en cycle ingénieur (3e ou 4e année) 

  • BCPST 2
  • Licence 2 ou 3
  • BUT 2 ou 3
  • Concours Ingéni'Up
  • Master 1
  • BUT 3 (très bons dossiers)
  • Licence 3 (très bons dossiers)

Détail et modalités

Pour les candidats ayant un diplôme international, les candidatures se font via Campus France ou directement sur le site internet d'UniLaSalle.

Consulter les modalités d'admission

admission ingénieur environnement


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