UniLaSalle offers engineering training in the earth, life and environmental sciences, but also, since its merger with ESIEE-Amiens, in energy and digital technology. From geology to food and health, from agronomy to the environmental performance of companies, from energy to telecommunications, you will find a wide choice of specializations at the heart of global challenges.

Two engineering profiles trained in 5 years

Following its merger with ESIEE-Amiens, UniLaSalle has broadened its range of engineering training courses to offer two major engineering profiles:

  • The "Life, Earth and Environmental Sciences" profiles, which bring together UniLaSalle's training in the fields of agronomy, agri-food, food-health, geology and the environment.   
  • The "Energy and Digital" profiles, which include the specialties offered by ESIEE-Amiens: energy and sustainable development, computer networks and telecommunications, production systems, energy and intelligent buildings, computer networks and connected objects, automated production and connected factories, and electrical energy and sustainable development.

The pre-engineering cycle: 2 years to find your way

The pre-engineering program is composed of courses common to all three campuses and courses that are already oriented towards your future professional fields. It provides you with the scientific foundations required to obtain an engineering degree.

The pre-engineering cycle is directly accessible after the Bac, or after 1 or 2 years of higher education for admission to the 2nd year.

  • Beauvais: Geosciences, Agronomy, Food & Health   
  • Rennes: Environmental Engineering   
  • Rouen: Agronomy, Agri-food, International

The advantages

  • A modular course according to your desires and your profile   
  • The right to make mistakes and to experiment before choosing a professional field in the 3rd year
  • Bridges between the 3 campuses at the end of each year of the pre-engineering program

Discover the pre-engineering cycle


The engineering cycle: 3 years to specialize

During these 3 years, you choose a specialization and choose one of UniLaSalle's 4 engineering degrees, either through initial training or through an apprenticeship.

All of our engineering courses are recognized by the CTI, and give you the title of engineer:

Multiple possibilities for double degrees

The last year of the engineering cycle can be completed within a partner university in France or abroad, giving the student the possibility of obtaining the diploma of the host university in addition to one of the 4 UniLaSalle engineering diplomas.

Some recent examples of double degrees

In France
  • AgroParisTech   
  • Audencia   
  • Ecole nationale supérieure de Géographie   
  • EM Normandie   
  • ENSTA Bretagne   
  • IAE Amiens   
  • IFP Energies nouvelles   
  • Montpellier SupAgro   
  • Rennes School of Business
  • Sciences Po Paris   
  • University of Grenoble Alpes   
  • VetAgro Sup
  • Imperial College - United Kingdom   
  • Cranfield University - United Kingdom   
  • Wageningen University - The Netherlands   
  • Universitat de Barcelona - Spain   
  • University of Quebec at Chicoutimi - Canada   
  • Bern University of Applied Sciences (HEFL) - Switzerland   
  • University of Laval - Canada

The post-Bac cycle: 2 years to find your way

The ESIEE-Amiens post-baccalaureate cycle offers a foundation of knowledge in engineering sciences, languages and social sciences, with particular emphasis on group projects, practical work and tutorials.

The 2nd year of this program reinforces knowledge of magnetic field propagation, magnetostatics and automatic control.

Discover the integrated preparatory cycle

The engineering cycle: 3 years to specialize

The initial engineering cycle consists of one year dedicated to a multidisciplinary project that confronts the student with industrial innovation issues.

In the following two years, students can choose one of three specializations:

  • Energy and sustainable development   
  • Computer networks and telecommunications   
  • Production systems

Through apprenticeship, the specialization takes place at the beginning of the engineering cycle and therefore lasts three years, enriched by a long period in a company.

Four technical orientations are offered:

  • Energy and intelligent buildings   
  • Computer networks and connected objects   
  • Automated production and connected factories   
  • Electrical energy and sustainable development

Possibilities of double degrees abroad

The final year of the engineering cycle can be completed at an international partner university, giving the student the possibility of obtaining the diploma of the host university in addition to the engineering diploma of ESIEE-Amiens.

UniLaSalle - ESIEE-Amiens offers 5 double degrees in internationally renowned universities:

  • BUPT (Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications) - China   
  • UQAM (University of Quebec in Montreal) - Canada   
  • F'SATI (French South African Institute of Technology) - South Africa   
  • Tatung University - Taiwan   
  • PUCV - Chile