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With its 5 engineering degrees, UniLaSalle offers a unique range of training courses at the heart of the major global issues.

Engineering courses at UniLaSalle

You want to change the world? UniLaSalle is for you! With its 5 engineering degrees at the crossroads of the agricultural, food, environmental, energy and digital transitions, the UniLaSalle Polytechnic Institute will open the doors to a multitude of professions in exciting business sectors.

BSc + MSc program in Agronomy and Agro-Industry

BSc + MSc program in Food & Health

BSc + MSc program in Environmental Engineering

BSc + MSc program in Geosciences and Environment

BSc + MSc program in Energy Engineering and Digital Systems

A 2+3 curriculum

A pre-engineering cycle to acquire the scientific bases

The first two years of the program are devoted to a pre-engineering cycle. At the end of this cycle, students will have acquired the main scientific knowledge enabling them to move on to the field of their choice.

Depending on the engineering degree you are aiming for, you will have to opt for the corresponding pre-engineering cycle.



A common pre-engineering cycle for the degrees :

  • BSc + MSc Agronomy and Agro-industry (possibility of following a pre-engineering cycle in English for this course)   
  • BSc + MSc Food and Health    
  • BSc + MSc Environmental engineering   
  • BSc + MSc Geosciences and Environment

It can be done on the Beauvais, Rennes and Rouen campuses regardless of the choice of engineering training, however, each campus offers its own thematic courses:

  • in Beauvais: Agronomy, Agri-food, Health, Geology   
  • in Rennes: Environmental Engineering   
  • in Rouen: Agronomy (in French or English), Agribusiness

Discover this pre-engineering cycle

A specific pre-engineering cycle for the engineering degree in Energy Engineering and Digital Systems.

An engineering cycle to orient yourself in a field of the future

After two years of pre-engineering studies, you can enter the program of your choice. The 3-year engineering program allows you to specialize in the field that interests you. During these three years, you will also have the opportunity to gain international experience and enrich your training with internships in companies.

All of our engineering courses can also be completed through an apprenticeship program, allowing you to gain solid experience in a company.


5 good reasons for choosing a UniLaSalle engineering course

  1. Its wide variety of courses made possible by the addition of skills in the earth, life, environmental, energy and digital sciences;   
  2. Its pedagogy centered on field experience, "learning by doing" and the recognition of "informal skills" acquired notably through involvement in campus life;   
  3. Its many opportunities for international academic stays;   
  4. The support of its students throughout their education, a legacy of the La Salle network;   
  5. The CTI and EUR-ACE accreditation of its engineering degrees, giving them national and international recognition.
Open days, immersion....
Our Orientation / Admissions meetings

Do you have questions about our courses and their opportunities? About student life? About admission requirements? UniLaSalle offers you numerous meetings to discuss your study project together, on site, at a distance or near you.


In the pre-engineering cycle

You can join UniLaSalle in the pre-engineering cycle :

  • via Parcoursup to enter the course in the 1st year (or via an admission on title for international students)   
  • via an admission on title to enter the training in the 2nd year

In the engineering cycle

You can join UniLaSalle in the engineering cycle :

  • via an admission on title to enter the 3rd or 4th year training or the apprenticeship training   
  • via the Ingéni'Up competition for students of the MP, PC, PSI or PT preparatory courses, depending on the course
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Admissions - Rennes campus
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